quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009


I saw just now, a video received from a Cuban friend. While watching the beautiful singing artists, Juanes and Miguel Bosé, I was effectively moved by the beautiful message: "Cambiar el hatred for love" ... In Havana, Cuba, Plaza de la Revolución, the date of the event, the show, do not know ... but the show was recorded, filmed, cried with emotion for those who witnessed ... Applauded by the very Cuban people and others who were there ... who had the privilege of being there at the time, so striking and perhaps unforgettable ... and few reported in life! The power of words, sound, music, rhythm all in favor of La Revolución, within us, within each one .... the largest and most difficult revolución - currency exchange, exchange, barter bad feelings, encrusted in mind and heart, thought and rethought, crystallized negative feelings, good feelings, lofty, light, better, happier ... healthy ... Where a cambiar ... negative by positive ... Always walk and exchanging ... but in ascending order .... growth always .... Hatred does not lead anywhere ... neither quiet nor perennial ... permanent ... Hatred destroys everything and everyone who is around ... destroy those who build it within yourself .... Hatred can be added, not rich ... impoverishes us every day, more and more .... The wars in the world are reflections of individual and collective hatred of humanity ... Below wars, weapons, armaments, selfish power, bigotry, greed, corruption that is in human hearts, down the hate ... who will love, faith, hope, peace in every one of us ... and each way the whole, the collective world ... Imagine a world without war, without blood, without hatred, without destruction, without malice of men against men, imagine a world where peace prevails between individuals and peoples, cultures, and without boundaries, without selfishness, without competition, without Indifference, imagine a world where you can cambiar all hatred by love ... If you want heaven, they will land! If you want paradise will effectively spacecraft in Earth ... Planet liquid, solid, green, blue, fluid place to be peace and love among men, its privileged inhabitants! Cambiar el amor por el hatred is a sign of great intelligence and noble human ... Brutal men, not polish his primitive feelings and act like ravenous beasts, destroying, killing, hurting, offending his fellow man are severely at least pitiful .... penalty because it shows people unhappy in their way of thinking and acting ... the way they interact with their brothers land ... Cambiar el hatred for love ... ah what a beautiful piece of music! Congratulations to the artists, singers and messengers of peace! The peace that can be thought, sung, performed, made, proposed, designed for all human hearts ... even those poor hearts who still believe in revenge, in hatred, in bitterness and are tired, heavy, burdened with their own burdens .... but can, influenced by good messengers, still be able to exchange, to choose the best of feelings to express: LOVE. We know that the person who truly loves and lives, who live, have the ability to love. Let us love all our neighbors know and love so vigorously, our planet, the life that is in it and over it and to which we belong. Cambiemos through this beautiful lesson musical, el amor por el hatred. Only he builds a better world for all. We are big, large in number, large in peace, our hearts are big ... Let cambiar less for more .... leave the hate behind and make love emerge and flourish ... gracias for learning: Miguel and Juanes ...

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